As of today (2020-06-06), our new communication network is online. ALTiCU Matrix is powered by the federated Matrix network, and currently serves the Riot web client.

what is matrix?

Being a federated network, Matrix works similarly to email: though our users have accounts on our own instance, they are able to communicate with users across the global network of instances, just as an email from one domain can still send mail to other domains. This creates a decentralized network with no single point of failure, and removes the problem of a central authority being able to manage all communications.

Matrix also provides state of the art end to end encryption, ensuring that only the intended recepients are able to decrypt and view messages, providing privacy and security by default. Users are fully in control of their own data.

To connect to Matrix and use it for communication, one of many clients can be used (start with our web frontend). There are many clients to choose from for every desktop platform, and for the major mobile platforms.

To learn more about matrix, see this excellent blog post.

recommended clients


matrix instance is available at