duckmind ai engine, part 1

overview and core concepts of ducia
overview duckmind is a collection of projects that are based on Sor's AI engine, and provides its game-playing AI functionality as a reusable library.
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sōr devlog

original devlog notes for sor
Progress Graphical juice An interesting way to make the graphics look cooler that I discovered accidentally; mixing the color channels (for example, swapping red and blue) will give it a cool effect.
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better native monogame

using .net core tools to build smaller, better native bundles
intro since .NET Core was released, its native publishing options have improved significantly. it is now possible to build a MonoGame application and build it into a fully native, self-contained release that is less (sometimes significantly less!
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headless monogame

tweaking desktop monogame to run headlessly
goals i've been working on a networking layer for my game engine, which is based on MonoGame. since i already have the physics code written, i figured that if i could get MonoGame to run headlessly, i could share the same code and the same assembly between the client and the server.
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headless xnez

tweaking nez (on monogame) to run headlessly
see the other post on headless monogame as well. headless sdl2 we want to be able to automatically enable headless compatibility using SDL2's video driver override feature (see the section on SDL_VIDEODRIVER in the docs for envvar).
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duck intelligence

decisions, planning, and personality modeling in Sor
this is a condensed form of a presentation going over a lot of the ai workings in my game Sor.
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