interesting articles on gpt

a collection of interesting articles i have been reading on gpt
intro i've been reading a lot of articles on gpt, and i've been interested in the abilities, limitations, and future of gpt and similar large language models.
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comparsion of gpt models

a table of evaluation metrics for gpt models
updated 2022-02-06: added entry for gpt-neox-20B intro i put together a table of various metrics for all the main gpt models.
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micro-finetuning gpt2

notes on finetuning gpt2 with a tiny dataset
introduction disclaimer i am primarily a software engineer, and thus am quite an amateur at machine learning.
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keras on amd with plaidml

setup for amd gpu acceleration for keras
intro this week i wanted to revisit one of my old machine learning projects. that project used the excellent keras library for building the model.
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