interesting articles on gpt

a collection of interesting articles i have been reading on gpt
intro i've been reading a lot of articles on gpt, and i've been interested in the abilities, limitations, and future of gpt and similar large language models.
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irre-tools devlog

working project notes collection
Goals TODO completely rewrite compiler to replace clang-leg TODO test device driver functionality Plans Compiler rewrite (clang-leg to vbcc) Problems with clang-leg (why rewrite?
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sōr devlog

original devlog notes for sor
Progress Graphical juice An interesting way to make the graphics look cooler that I discovered accidentally; mixing the color channels (for example, swapping red and blue) will give it a cool effect.
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headless xnez

tweaking nez (on monogame) to run headlessly
see the other post on headless monogame as well. headless sdl2 we want to be able to automatically enable headless compatibility using SDL2's video driver override feature (see the section on SDL_VIDEODRIVER in the docs for envvar).
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linux tips

quick reference for common things i need to do
a wip collection of notes and tips on random things i end up needing to do with my system.
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duck intelligence

decisions, planning, and personality modeling in Sor
this is a condensed form of a presentation going over a lot of the ai workings in my game Sor.
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rice ideas

some wip notes on ideas for a new i3 rice. colors same background, but in different color themes, cycling based on time of day or day of the week.
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