irre-tools devlog

working project notes collection
Goals TODO completely rewrite compiler to replace clang-leg TODO test device driver functionality Plans Compiler rewrite (clang-leg to vbcc) Problems with clang-leg (why rewrite?
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duckmind ai engine, part 1

overview and core concepts of ducia
overview duckmind is a collection of projects that are based on Sor's AI engine, and provides its game-playing AI functionality as a reusable library.
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sōr devlog

original devlog notes for sor
Progress Graphical juice An interesting way to make the graphics look cooler that I discovered accidentally; mixing the color channels (for example, swapping red and blue) will give it a cool effect.
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duck intelligence

decisions, planning, and personality modeling in Sor
this is a condensed form of a presentation going over a lot of the ai workings in my game Sor.
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